The Missing Layer

Web3 has not reached mass adoption due to consumer friction, limited use cases, and the complexities of integrating web services to the blockchain. Smart Layer is the missing layer between web2 and web3 addressing these issues.

Frictionless Experiences

Smart Layer removes the friction from Web3 by enabling Web2 identities (Social/Email) and existing applications (Apple Wallet/Google Wallet) to hold and interact with tokens, removing friction and making it possible for Web2 business and consumers to embrace Web3.

Smart Tokens

Smart Layer enables the creation of Smart Tokens. Where traditional tokens function as assets and proof of ownership, Smart Tokens function as mini dApps carrying business logic, and a programmable interface, enabling tokens to become composable and portable applications opening up a new world of use cases.


TokenScript is the new token primitive enabling the creation of Smart Tokens. It allows a token issuer to enrich any token with a wide set of information, interface, rules, and functionalities beyond the restrictions of the smart contract

A Services Network

The Smart Layer is a programmable blockchain-based service network, acting as a middleware enabling on-chain, off-chain, and cross-chain token composability and interoperability making the difficult task of integrating Web3 utility into web services easy. 



I'm excited about the features of TokenScript. There is so much that can and should happen in a user wallet and TokenScript will lead the way.


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