Smart Layer Tokenomics

Smart Layer is a decentralized services network, built on top of public blockchains. Smart Layer network operates using two distinct tokens. The primary token, known as the 'Governance Token, SLN', is of significant importance as its owners stand to benefit from the network's growth. The secondary token, referred to as the 'Service Unit Token, SU' (a stable token tied to service resources), is used to redeem services provided by the Smart Layer Network. Its value corresponds to the volume of services it can secure. This approach is designed to balance the interests of both investors and network users.


Value Capture

Smart Layer enables Web2 services to easily tokenize any experience or business service to create more seamless user experiences. As a tokenized service businesses will buy SLN/SU to create smart tokens, and to integrate tokens into their web services. Demand for the token is designed to have a network effect, as each issuer creates a smart token the entire business ecosystem around the issuer will use SLN/SU as the tokens become the key integrations points between them.


For example, Delta Air Lines issues a ticket (Smart Token) to be the integration point for an entire travel experience, now booking sites, hotels, and the extended ecosystem around them will use SLN/SU to enable the integration. Smart Layer captures value via service fees paid in SLN/SU for the creation and validation of each token, bringing Web2 business dollars into the Web3 world.

SLN Governance Token

Holders of SLN tokens can vote in protocol decisions, fee %, benefit from the network's growth that uses fees to buy & burn supply, and earn direct revenue and token rewards from operating nodes. As these incentives are not tied to the service costs of the protocol, users and businesses issuing tokens can enjoy a stable product with a predictable pricing model. The value of the SLN token is directly linked to the expansion of Smart Layer network size and usage.

SLN token will be used to govern the Smart Layer ecosystem, including but not limited to protocol features, products, partnerships, integrations, content creator curation, and treasury management. The governance of Smart layer will be decentralized in phases. The SLN holders will be able to participate in governance by writing and voting on proposals. The voting power will be incentivized for long term holders of SLN.

Token Allocation

The SLN token supply is capped at 100,000,000 tokens and will be distributed as follows:

  • Investor25%
  • Smart Token Labs20%
  • Rewards20%
  • Smart Layer DAO34%
  • Early Community1.0%

SLN Builder Grants

A portion of the SLN token will be used to fund our Builders Grants program. Community members will be able to submit proposals for new applications built on top of Smart Layer. To apply for a grant join Discord.

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